St Mary's School

"The children are at the heart of everything we do".

Tuesday 19th June 2018

Today, some of St Marys Eco and Garden club members visited St Johns to participate in the Year of Our Island Community Garden.

The children thoughtfully designed our garden through sharing ideas about what living on the Isle of Man means to them. We have also incorporated things that we are famous for!

The beach area of our design was essential, we all love spending the day at the beach! Likewise, wherever you go you are never far from a view of the sea. We also wanted to include some seals, as we love exploring the coast and seeing their heads pop out of the water! The scallop shells represent a firm favourite beach – Fenella in Peel. We have used this and Manx tartan to create our wind chimes.

When thinking about what the Island is famous for, we wanted to include a bit of magic! We did this through including our own miniature fairy bridge with fairy carpet! We have also included a bike tyre to represent the TT, horse shoes to represent the horse trams and the mound in the centre of our plot is to represent Snaefell. We have tried to use lots of different materials as well as using flowers and herbs of varying colours, heights and scents to create what we hope is a true representation of our beautiful island.

We had a fantastic day and enjoyed creating our garden. The community garden will be officially open to the public from Monday 25th July to Spring 2019. Everyone is welcome to visit and they have picnic benches there too!