St Mary's School

The children are at the heart of everything we do.

At our school, we are welcoming and friendly and within the Catholic ethos provide a nurturing environment for all. Our children are encouraged to live their lives by the Gospel Values in everyday life.

The wellbeing of the children is paramount. Our positive relationships ensures children are ‘safe’, ‘respectful’ and ‘ready’ and that our school community is one where everyone’s needs are considered.

Within our ethos all children embrace challenge in an atmosphere of safety and calm which encourages independence and risk taking.

High expectations for our children are supported by celebrating and valuing all the children’s achievements, both academic and social. We celebrate random acts of kindness in assemblies, in our classrooms and throughout the whole school.

By instilling a love of learning and embedding a growth mindset, challenge is encouraged and mistakes are seen as an important part of the learning journey. Through providing constructive feedback children are supported to continuously improve.

We recognise the importance of learning beyond the classroom by providing exciting opportunities and experiences that enhance our curriculum.

As a staff we continually strive to improve ourselves professionally by sharing good practice with colleagues to ensure that what we deliver to our pupils is relevant to deliver a curriculum which meets the needs of all learners.

Our school is at the heart of our Catholic community and works in partnership with the church to embrace the wider diverse community to develop responsible and socially aware individuals.